Rise up. Rise up. Rise up oh beautiful child. Divine being of light and fire. Transformative being of light and love. Embrace will and the power of life force energy. Primitive, raw and powerful beauty in its truest form. Let it rise up, rise up, rise up within you. Become the summoner. Call forth your divine beauty, your divine source energy. Your power. The very essence of your soul self. Call forth unto God. Call forth unto spirit divine. Call forth unto thine own self, and begin to release surrender and rise up, rise, rise up, sweet child. 

Oh beautiful Phoenix born from fire. Born from ashes divine. Rise up from the flames. Rise up. Release. Renew. Oh beautiful fire I say unto thee reclaim my spirit. Reclaim my honor and the courage within me. Release the beauty within me. Rise up through my being, and burn bright the ever present energy of love divine. Reclaim and release. Transform my soul so that I may be free and ready to soar once more. Oh dear freedom. Oh dear Phoenix I will fly again. I am now reborn from spirit fire. I that is all powerful and true. I summon the power within me. once again may I be born from ash and be reclaimed by the divine light and holy fire of ever loving present God self.

Let me hear freedom ring. let me hear bells toll and know, that I once more remember the beauty of my soul. I have returned to myself and I am forever grateful for my rise. Through the flames I once again burn brighter. Clean from fire. Reborn, courageous and strong. I , creature of love light and fire. I who love myself whole and complete with devotion and desire.

I child, sister, daughter, mother. I am a miraculous being of divine fire.

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